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Invest in agricultural products using the link

Have you heard about Growkobo International? you may be wondering how you can make profit through Growkobo International. Here is a guide to investing within your budget as Growkobo has a suitable investment plan for everyone wether you are a business man or woman, unemployed, a student, a civil servant, banker or even a petty trader.

This initiative is designed to cater for everyone no matter the size of your wallet or how much you earn.

Here is a breakdown of how to invest with

Growkobo financial plans are as follows:

1. Bronze Agro Plan: With an investment of between N5,000 and N50,000.
This is a direct Agroin rice farming value chain which yields a guaranteed
150% interest every 3 days month and 300% interest every one week. The 30% profit of this investment is paid to the investor

If you Invest N5,000 - get N7,500 in 3 days, N15,000 in on week
* N10,000 - get N15,000 in 3 days, N20,000 in on week
* N20,000 - get N30,000 in 3 days, N60,000 in on week
* N30,000 - get N45,000 in 3 days, N90,000 in on week
* N40,000 - get N60,000 in 3 days, N120,000 in on week
* N50,000 - get N75,000 in 3 days, N150,000 in on week

2. Green Extra Plan: Earn weekly and monthly from our fish and pig farm by investing between N5,000 and N50,000 for a period of 3 to 6 months.

You earn 40% of your investment every week for three months

Break down of Green Investment

* If you invest N5,000 you get N500 every 3 days and profit credited to your account every one week is N2,000

And the good thing about this is that at the end of 3 months you get back your capital or you can invest again for three more months

* N10,000 to get N1,000 every 3 days and N4,000 every week for 3 months

* N15,000 to get N1,500 every 3 days, N6,000 in on week

* N20,000 - N2,000 profit every 3 days, and N8,000 every week for 3 months
* on week

* N30,000 - N3,000 every 3 days, N9,000 every week for 3 months

* N40,000 - N4,000 every 3 days, N12,000 every week for 3 months

* N50,000 - N5,000 every 3 days and N16,000 every week for 3 months

To register go to

To invest go to

To withdraw go to

To check your account balance go to - [ ]

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