Ways To Make Money Online With AI Trading Robots

Artificial Intelligence Trading Robots is the easiest, fastest, reliable and most efficient way to trade forex and crypto currency in year 2022. in this short article you will learn about the IPC AI Trading Robot built by the Intelligence Prime Capital Limited, and how you can get started


What IS IPC AIA Trading Robots?

Intelligence Prime Capital is an international FinTech company that specialized in quantitative trading and committed to providing digital assets services.  They leverage on Artificial Intelligence Analysis trading system (AIA), IPC operates in over 10 countries including: the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Nigeria, Cameron and Ghana.

They offer foreign and crypto currency exchange services which is through their artificial intelligence trading robots that gives their global users return on investment of 45% ,AMAZING!!! When you purchase their Robot called the Genuis Bot

The AIA BOT SYSTEM uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automatically and accurately analyze investment and trading patterns according to specified technical settings and preset algorithms.

• It will automatically generates and checks all preset strategies to execute trades automatically, focusing on short term arbitrage mostly.

Why IPCapital AI Trading Robot is The Real Deal

• The Bot trades a wide variety of trading products, including commodities, forex, cryptocurrencies and indices

• 24/7 market trend analysis

• Trade with the international MetaTrader4 platform

•  AI analysis system has an accuracy of 97%

• Real-time market analysis

• Fully regulated and compliant


Professional customer service that provides real-time support.
Real-time market analysis
Coverage of international news
Provision of trading courses
Access to trading competitions
Access to trading strategies of top traders

How To Get Started With Intelligence Prime Capital (IPC)

✔️1. Fill the registration form via the link below:

Sign Up: IprimeCapital Registration

Fill the form with your details

Click on Send Code, you will get verifiction code in your email ,copy and paste, click privacy policy box and submit.

 ✔️2. Do your KYC verification (Know Your Customer): You need a valid ID card, either International passport or Drivers License or other valid National ID of your country

✔️3. Purchase Genuis Bot and Fund your Trading acct : With a minimum of $100 to $100,000 capital, you can activate the genius bot for a $100 lifetime subscription. Funding is done with Binance USDT-TRC-20 network. Easy and flexible

✔️4. Download free MT4 (MetaTrader4) APP: Login and start seeing your daily profits.

If you’ve done the Above steps? CONGRATULATIONS! You will start earning Everyday from Monday to Friday. You will earn up to 45% of your capital per month. You can top up your capital any time any day.

E.G: If you fund your account with $10,000, Genius Bot will make for you $4,500 per Month.

IPC members has different WhatsApp group and Telegram community across the the countries it has presence.

You Need Support? Join IPC WhatsApp Group to get instant support and guide from IPC Team member.